Tuure Leppänen

wip wip wip

Works in progress – —

Items jog the memory, they act as points of entry into one’s memories, reminding of their previous owners and associated situations. The works in the series utilise different technological apparatuses to study how memories are formed and kept.

Images and 3D models found online are used as source material in reproducing and actualising the artist’s previously lost personal belongings. By 3D modelling, printing and finally photographing the objects, memories associated with the items are canonised into the personal history of the artist – the memory they hold is prolonged and kept from fading away. The work also suggests that photography might be a tool for legitimising things that have all along been physically detached from the subject. By laser cutting imagery from the artist’s adolescence with video games and online forums directly onto film, an almost desperate attempt to actualise something from abstract and virtual environments is gestured.